Woman’s Body Determines Child’s Sex


Woman with BabyWhile a woman normally wants to have a daughter, most men are sure to want a son – I know it from my own experience. If the man wants this wish to come true, he should be more attentive in choosing the partner and prefer stronger and masterful women, as exactly women with such character have more testosterone in blood. The more testosterone contained in the woman’s blood, the more likely the child will be male. So, this is woman’s body, who decides on the child’s sex.

The scientists have found, that women with higher testosterone levels give birth to boys more often. This became clear due to the following study. Along with measuring the testosterone level, the volunteers involved in the research were asked, how often they felt proud, resolute, self-satisfied, angry, aggressive. It occurs, that stronger and more resolute women give birth to boys, while women with less testosterone in blood are, as a rule, more caring, tolerant, sympathizing and usually have daughters.

The scientists have also found, that the ovule coming from the follicle is ready for fertilization by the sperm containing certain chromosomes. This means, that the organism of the woman determines, whether to bring a boy or a girl into the world.