Strong & Muscular Are the New Skinny

Forget about excessive thinness. Women who exercise with barbells and dumbbells are now considered attractive among men. Such famous fitness fanatics like Cameron Diaz and Millie Mackintosh are at the head of this athletic trend.


British sociologists have conducted a survey on the attitude of modern society to girls and women who do exercises with weights. It turned out that 63% of men would be happy to have a date with a lady who lifts barbells and dumbbells. 74% of the respondents named watching girls on barbell benches their favorite sight in the gym.

This trend is popular among such stars as Millie Mackintosh and Cameron Diaz, who have repeatedly admitted that they are addicted to exercises with heavy weights. Weight lifting for women is spreading rapidly in many countries, and the influence of the stars plays a key role in it. Thus, the number of girls who are interested in exercises with weights has doubled over the past few years in the fitness rooms in the UK.

A half of the female respondents to this study admitted that they trained like men and with men, lifting barbells and dumbbells. In this case, 75% of women, who regularly perform weight exercises, draw inspiration, self-confidence, as well as study the workout techniques from various applications in social networks and are looking for interesting information according to “hot” hashtags.

The respondents named actress Cameron Diaz the most exemplary celebrity in terms of building a perfect body. The 42-year-old Hollywood star also has the most enviable figure according to Women’s Health magazine. Cam regularly lifts weights during workouts, just like Melanie B and Madonna.

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