Each Fifth Briton Ready to Chop off a Finger for a Perfect Body

One in five adults in Britain will agree to cut off a finger in exchange for a perfect figure. According to experts, the desire to attain enviable proportions, corresponding to the conventional ones, turns into a dangerous psychological obsession.


A social study conducted in Britain showed that one-fifth of the country’s inhabitants regularly skipped meals and performed other not too useful for their health actions hoping to achieve the perfect figure. Moreover, 20% of Britons will not hesitate to cut off their finger, if they get ideal proportions in exchange.

Experts believe that society is attacked by the media that promote idealistic images of men and women. These are celebrities with cubes of abdominal muscles, numerous models that are marked by incredible thinness, long legs and slender waist. These images are often retouched with the help of a computer, though ordinary people do not realize this fact.

For most people in the country the word diet means half-starving existence, which will result in a thin “perfect figure”. Meanwhile, diets are not designed for this, but in order to get rid of excess weight and bring the figure back in good shape that would correspond to healthy proportions. However, constant discrepancy between reality and the promotional pictures from the movies, newspapers and the Internet leads many people to despair and depression. This often urges them to stick to the most extreme diets, which include dangerous, untested combinations of products and long periods of complete starvation.

Such diets can cause irreparable harm to health, leading to serious malfunction of the internal organs. Sometimes these diets cause anorexia. The victims of this obsession most often are young people, teenagers, and even children who still do not have a sufficiently mature psyche. In their desire to achieve the perfect body, they are ready to sacrifice anything.

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