Best Way to Improve Memory

The thoughts associated with aggression, violence and sexual abuse are better deposited in the memory, so you can use them to store information in your head. Such an interesting conclusion was drawn by British experts.


Young UK resident Ed Cook has won the title of Grand Master of Memory. This award has been presented since 1995 to the people who are able to successfully pass the three toughest memory tests. The first one implies memorizing a thousand of random numbers during an hour. The second test requires remembering the order of 10 packs of cards during an hour, and during the third test you need to memorize the cards in a deck in just two minutes. Therefore, the Grand Masters of memory, of course, are people with exceptional photographic memory.

According to Cook, rude and cruel memories are much easier deposited in the head, so they can be used for storage and faster retrieval of any information from the brain. This is due to the fact that thoughts on the sexual theme evoke emotions and attract interest. This technique was used by the ancient Romans and Greeks to strengthen the memory during the political debate.

Cook even developed his own website that helps people remember various facts more easily when using this technology. He believes that memories become stronger with age, and not weaker, as people have more experience, which binds new information. Meanwhile, the studies suggest that people use their own age just as an excuse to forgetfulness.

According to Ed Cook, bright and meaningful experiences are certainly remembered better than boring ones. Sexual thoughts or aggressive and violent emotions are deposited in the head for a much longer period, as they guarantee a person’s interest. That is why he developed rules to strengthen the memory. Thus, if you want to keep in mind some facts, connect them with something challenging. For example, the words of some woman are best remembered by a man, if he imagines her nude when uttering them, or even in a seductive pose. Transforming information by means of visual images in our head is the technique of our ancestors, which now works very well.

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