Snoring Pill Does Exist

Sleeping WomanSome time ago I got a comment on my article “Why People Snore and How to Stop Snoring”, where I was asked, if there was a pill, which could stop snoring. I was looking for the answer in different sources, but in vain, I couldn’t find any snoring pill. But now I can be sure and answer, there is a snoring pill. And it is currently tested in Britain. This pill should cure obstructive sleep apnea and finally let lots of people get their calm and healthy Zzz.

Let me briefly remind you, what is obstructive sleep apnea. This is a condition, when one periodically stops breathing during sleep, which then makes them wake up tired or having a headache in the morning, no matter, how long they sleep. Sleep apnea begins, when the upper airway becomes narrow because the muscles relax naturally, while one is asleep. A new snoring pill should naturally relax the tone of upper airway muscles and, thus, stop the breathing pauses. According to the trials, the symptoms of night apnea are reduced by 40-50% due to the intake of the new snoring pill. Well, the trials involved only 39 sleep apnea patients, but let’s hope, the pill will be very effective in curing snore and will be widely used.

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