The Enemies of Beautiful and Healthy Breast

Woman with Beautiful BreastEvery woman wants to have beautiful and healthy breasts. But at the same time every day women do things, that may damage breast health, such as wearing bra of an improper size, taking hot baths or stooping when in front of computer. Such actions not only contribute to poor breasts health, but also make them less beautiful. Breasts change with time over woman’s lifetime. They can be affected by pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and aging. But you can reduce this negative influence by simple actions. Read about the daily enemies of beautiful and healthy breasts and do your best to promote good breast health.

Beautiful and Healthy Breast Enemy 1. Weight Fluctuation

Weight increase is the reason of excessive skin stretching. If sudden weight loss follows it, your skin can become flabby and stretched. If weight fluctuations are regular, then even at young age your breast can lose shape forever. Don’t lose or gain weight dramatically.

Beautiful and Healthy Breast Enemy 2. Poor Postural Habits

It’s obvious that women who take care of their posture usually have a beautiful breast shape, and poor postural habits lead to saggy breasts. Always sit correctly, as it is beneficial not only for your spine, but also for your breast health.

Beautiful and Healthy Breast Enemy 3. Improper Bra Size

When it comes to the bra choice, the most important thing is to reach the golden mean. If your bra presses your breasts too strongly, it may damage blood circulation, but a loose-fitting bra (as well as its absence) can be the reason of skin stretching (especially if you have a large breast size). So, always choose a correct bra size.

Beautiful and Healthy Breast Enemy 4. Hot Bath

It is known that hot water dries tender skin and makes it less elastic. Remember it, when going to lie in the bath for an hour with your favorite book. If you can’t imagine your life without it, don’t dip your shoulders and breasts into hot water when lying in the bath for a long time.

Beautiful and Healthy Breast Enemy 5. Ultraviolet Rays

There’s no doubt that lots of women dream of an even bronze suntan without swimsuit marks. But it’s not worth all the health problems, which those fond of topless sunbathing may get. Apart from sunburns of the sensitive skin of your breasts and the loss of its elasticity, it may also contribute to increasing breast cancer risk.