People Don't Smile Anymore

Scientists have conducted a study, which helped them establish that people have forgotten how to smile. They have found out that the average person smiles only seven times a day.


Such an insignificant number of daily smiles is sure to include at least one fake smile. These were the results of the survey, which included more than two thousand respondents.

In addition, the researchers found that gay people were smiling about eleven times a day. At the same time, pessimists gave only one artificial smile during the day. About half of the respondents admitted that they sometimes had to force a smile, most often when talking to their superiors.

The scientists point out that, despite the reduction in the number of smiles, people like to be smiled at during a conversation. 25% of the respondents admitted that they could not stop looking at the smile of their beloved ones. Every fifth person looks at his/her baby’s smile with the trembling heart.

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