A New Item on Craigslist for Owner – Briefcase Stuffed with Cash, Still Not Claimed


It’s not a new film advert disguised as news, New York really has this to offer as a special surprise – a briefcase containing almost $80,000 to be found by lucky ones.

Now lucky ones come in different styles, and this particular one chose to put the case on Craigslist, though he admitted he had been tempted to take the money for his own.

Briefcase With Money

Having done what he believes is “the right thing to do”, he is expecting a letter describing the color of the case and the particulars of other items found in the case.

What chances of the briefcase remaining unclaimed and him getting the happy opportunity to make use of a $78,383 wad? Since he made it official, he is going to take it to the police eventually and the case and the money will be declared his property. Only the New York State Law says it’s three years for him to wait. And meanwhile the lucky guy will be having some correspondence to respond to.

Source of the image: Worldofstock.com.