New Bluetooth Portable Quality Speakers

Since we fell into the habit of carrying our music with us everywhere, gadgets that are light, user-friendly, and provide quality sound have become indispensable. And if they help us dispose of all those wires endlessly trailing and catching at things – and which, incidentally, provide no adornment to our outfits – it’s just like the answer to prayers.

LG U-Shaped Bluetooth Speakers

This kind of answer was furnished by designers Kang Yong Soo and Kim Ji Hee and it is called the Bluetooth speakers. The device is a U-shaped structure of two speakers that are easily portable and provide Bluetoothwise connection to any of your player or cell phone. Amplified sound with a 2-watt output should give us fair quality.

The distantly urban in design and slightly hooky U can at will be disconnected and placed apart when you get home and strive for better acoustics.

The end of the device is fitted with LED lighting.

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