Miami – the Place for Longest and Most Passionate Sex in the US

All major cities in the US will have to bow before Miami when it comes to having sex, a survey carried out by the Trojan Condoms reveals.

Sand and love

Altogether lascivious desires grow as the nation moves south, to warmer places. When the heat comes to Miami, the average number of times the residents get down to it comes to 102, almost twice the result for the residents of Minneapolis who feel horny 64 times a year (and therefore have their city marked down as the least sexually-minded one).

As to the time spent between the sheets, Miamians boast of 35-minute sex sessions, adding a full 10-minute stretch to the results of Phoenix, where people get things done in 25 minutes.

Oh, the results being self-reported, it may be that this survey is hardly any good at all without an extra survey of lying abilities.

Source of the image: Photl