Men Look in the Mirror Much More Often Than Women

It is believed that women devote most time to their appearance, since it is related to the use of cosmetics and traditions. However, the researchers from the UK have found that it is men who can be called the vainest.


British sociologists have conducted a survey among thousands of the residents of Albion, commissioned by the Avaj brand. In the course of this survey, sociologists tried to find out how much time both sexes spend on personal care. It was found that an average man looks in the mirror 23 times per day, while women do this only 16 times.

But why do men need this if they hardly use any cosmetics at all? They admitted that they looked in the mirror to admire themselves in general and different parts of their body in particular. Most women look in the mirror to make sure that they look okay – that the mascara is not flowing, that the lipstick has not worn off and the eyelashes are in their place. Thus women often look at the parts of the body that cause the greatest number of complexes.

On average, men spend 10 minutes a day, admiring their reflection, which is as much as 6.5 days per year. 11% of the men who took part in the survey admitted that they looked in the mirror up to 30 times a day. 82% of the men agree that a good appearance is the key male prerogative. Among the parts and areas of the body that most men are proud of, one can name hands (76%), legs (54%), smile (49%), eyes (43%) and hair (38%). Women most often feel upset because of the face, breasts, buttocks, legs and hair.