Stylish Outfits Make You More Creative

US scientists have found unexpected benefits in fashion. It turns out that the people who dress stylishly at work show great creativity.


The scientists from Columbia University and California University found that stylish outfits make their employees work more creatively than their counterparts who choose casual style. It turned out that there are psychological benefits of wearing stylish clothes. The scientists have found that such an outfit encourages abstract thinking.

A group of researchers asked half of the volunteer students to go to a job interview in stylish clothes, while the other half of the volunteers were dressed the way they usually went to lectures. All volunteers also filled out a questionnaire in which they assessed how formal they considered their own style of clothing compared to other students.

It was found that the students, who went to the job interview in stylish and formal clothes, showed good abstract thinking and could give unexpected answers. However, the students dressed in casual clothes demonstrated more practical thinking. Explaining this phenomenon, the scientists say that a certain style of clothing makes people feel more competent, confident, and strong.

Some parts of the wardrobe increase human creativity, and if one wears these clothes, he/she stands out from the crowd. In such clothes, people consider themselves to be more outstanding, which produces a psychological effect. But if you are still used to wearing jeans and T-shirts, there is nothing to worry about. The correlation between stylish and casual clothes does not mean that ordinary types of clothing suppress human ingenuity. If you remain true to yourself, it will help maintain confidence, competence, and freedom of thought.