Essence ¡Arriba! Makeup Collection 2015

Essence has come up with several makeup collections for the summer 2015. The colorful and bright ¡Arriba! collection has been inspired by Mexico with its colorful clothes, the beautiful beaches of Cancun, castanets and sombrero.

The Essence ¡Arriba! Collection Summer 2015 will include:

Essence ¡Arriba! Eyeshadow in 2 shades:

01 La Vida Loca


02 Macarena Mint


¡Arriba! Blush in the shade of 01 Baila, Baila


Essence ¡Arriba! Lipgloss with a fruity scent in 2 colors:

  • 01 Hola, Guapa
  • 02 Red Corazón


Essence ¡Arriba! Nail Polish in 4 shades:

  • 01 Hola, Guapa
  • 02 Macarena Mint


  • 03 Red
  • 04 Corazón la vida loca


Essence ¡Arriba! Top Coat in 2 colors:

  • 01 Chica Bonita
  • 02 Festival of Colours


Essence ¡Arriba! Hair Chalk to highlight hair tips or strands is easy to apply, thanks to a special clip system resembling castanets. Just hold a hair strand and run along it with the chalk. Secure the result with hair spray. The product will be released in two shades:

01 Hola, Guapa


02 Macarena Mint


Essence ¡Arriba! Fan with a beautiful floral pattern:

01 Festival of Colors.


The Essence ¡Arriba! Collection Summer 2015 will appear on international sale from mid-June to mid-July 2015.

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