Lonely Men & Jobless Women More Prone to Suicide

It turns out that men have more severe suicidal tendencies if compared with women.


Joint studies of Swedish and American researchers have shown that the suicide rate among men is almost three times higher. The data show that the at-risk group usually includes single young men, who have low levels of education. As for women, the most important factor is the presence of mental disorders.

In general, from the point of view of adaptation in society, the representatives of the stronger sex, unable to find a partner, and unemployed women are most of all inclined to commit a suicide. The researchers note that people often cannot get professional psychological counseling to keep them from this fatal step. According to the statistics, up to thirty percent of both sexes visit a psychotherapist two weeks before the suicide.

The experts claim that this information clearly shows the imperfection of the modern psychological system. They note that there is a need to introduce new strategies that can help lower the risk of a suicide among the people with such an inclination.

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