Lead Found in Leading Brands of Lipstick

Lipstick with LeadLipstick produced by many leading makeup manufacturers contain too much leads – these data were obtained by a large-scale makeup testing in the US and Canada. The study involved samples of such well-known brands as Dior, L’Oreal and Covergirl. Two-thirds of the examined samples contained twice as much lead, as it is permitted by the sanitary standards.

According to the scientists, even a double exceeding of the lead content standard is harmful to the body, as lead, in the first place, affects the function of the nervous system and the reproductive function. The scientists insist on the firm control of the lead content in makeup products. After I found this information I convulsively checked my lipsticks to know if I used any of the “leading” ones. No, God be thanked, my nervous system is out of danger and I will still have children.