Wash the Hair Correctly

Woman Washing HairAlthough we have to wash our hair quite often, by far not everyone knows how to do this procedure correctly. Note that correct hair cleansing is very important since the health of your hair and its attractiveness depend on this process in the first place. Your hair will lose its beauty, if you fail to remove the coating covering it completely. Dust, dirt and remainders of various hair products make up this coating. When it is constantly present, your hair will look dull and unhealthy. Hence, you should follow some rules when washing your hair; the tips, which can help your hair shine with health.

Comb Hair before Washing

First of all, it is recommended to comb your hair well before washing them; during this procedure the dirt and dead cells are removed from the scalp. Once this is done, you can proceed to the actual washing process.

Shampoo the Hair Correctly

Wet the hair and pour some (as little as teaspoon-full) shampoo into your palm (hold it boat-shaped). Then scoop some water into the same palm so that the concentrated shampoo is diluted a little bit. After that, rub the shampoo softly into the hair roots and furthermore spread it along the full length of your hair. This should be done very fast since shampoo should not stay in contact with the hair for more than a minute. This amount of time is quite enough for proper cleansing.

After Hair Washing

Once you are done, wash the shampoo off with warm water and soak it with a towel. You should not wipe dry your hair completely since hair if particularly sensitive right after it has been washed. Comb your hair, once it has dried up a bit, using a comb with sparse teeth. Upon necessity, you can dry your hair up with the help of a blow-dryer, but do not forget that hot air damages hair.

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