How Do Rapists Choose Their Victims?

A group of rapists were interviewed in prison about the criteria according to which they identify a potential victim. Here are some of the facts that shocked us.


  • The first thing that draws the rapist’s attention is hairstyle. They like to chase a woman with a ponytail, a tuft, a braid or any other hairdo that is easy to grasp. Women with long hair are no exception, but ladies with a “boyish” hairstyle rarely get hunted for.
  • Secondly, rapists pay attention to clothing. They will follow a woman, whose clothes are easy to tear off. Besides, many rapists carry a pair of scissors with them.
  • They also look for women talking on a cell phone, searching for something in their bag or engaged in doing something. Such women are easy to be taken off guard and attacked.
  • First of all, women are abducted in parking lots of supermarkets, offices and public restrooms.
  • Rapists are usually trying to grab a woman and quickly pull her to a place where no one will interfere.
  • If you resist and try to defend yourself, they will be disappointed, as they will quickly realize that you can attract unwanted attention and that it will take much time to overcome resistance. The majority of women do not fight fiercely because they are afraid and hope for mercy.
  • The criminals also told that they would not attack a woman with an umbrella or any other object that can be used at a safe distance, not allowing the rapist to get closer.
  • Keys do not belong to such objects, since you have to be very close to the attacker to use them as a weapon. Your main goal is to let the rapist know that you are not worthy of his time and effort.

Precautions to keep in mind

  • argument-conflict-box-not-talking-coupleIf you’re being pursued in the street or at the parking lot, look at the pursuer and ask what time it is. Or start a conversation about the weather, for example. Thus, you will see the person’s face, and will be able to identify him. As a result, you will cease to attract him as a victim.
  • If someone approaches you, draw your hands forward and scream “Stop!” Many rapists admit that they will leave a woman alone, if she screams or shows her willingness to fight back. Remember! They are looking for EASY prey.
  • If you have pepper spray with you, you can scare the abuser, warning him about it and holding a bottle in front of him. This will stop the potential rapist.
  • If someone attacks you, you’re unlikely to be able to win by force, but you can succeed by being cunning. If you are grabbed from behind, try to hit the attacker in the area between the armpit and the elbow, or his inner thigh. If you try to hit yourself with all the strength in these areas, you will see that it really hurts!
  • After the first blow, aim for the groin. A blow targeted at the male organs is really painful. You may think that you will make the man angry and that he will want to hit you harder, but in reality rapists are looking for the prey that does not cause problems. Therefore, you need to create these problems and thereby protect yourself.
  • When the rapist has already reached out his hands for you, grab his two fingers, twist them and push as severely as possible.
  • Of course, we always hear the same rule: always pay attention to what is around you and take someone with you if possible.

If you notice strange behavior, follow your instincts. You may feel a little ridiculous in this situation, but the situation will be much graver, if the guy really is a dangerous man.

A few more tips:

  • In taekwondo, hitting with an elbow is considered to be the most powerful blow. Therefore, hit the attacker with an elbow if you are close enough.
  • If the robber demands your wallet or purse, do not pass it to him. Throw it aside and run away as fast as possible in the opposite direction, while he is picking up the wallet!
  • If you are shoved into the trunk, break the taillight, insert your hand into the hole and wave it like crazy. The kidnapper will not see this, but other drivers may notice your effort. This move has saved the lives of dozens of women.
  • Women often like to sit in their car in the afternoon after work or after a shopping trip, just making lists or checking their schedule. DO NOT DO THIS! The rapist is watching you, so it will be a good opportunity for him to get into the passenger seat, put a gun to your head and say where to go. Once you get into the car, close the door and drive away.

A few rules about how to get into the car in the garage or in the parking lot:


  • Be cautious and look around. Someone can hide on the passenger seat, so check the car’s passenger seat and the floor. (DO THE SAME THING BEFORE getting into a cab!).
  • If you are parked next to a van, approach your car from the side of the front passenger seat. Most serial killers attack their victims while they are trying to get behind the wheel.
  • Pay attention to the cars parked next to your car. If there is a man sitting alone in one of them, if he occupies the seat next to your car, you’d better go back to the store and ask the guard or the police officer to see you out. It is better to be safe rather than sorry (It is certainly better to sound paranoid than to be dead).
  • Always use the elevator instead of the stairs. Stairs are a perfect crime scene, especially when there is no one around.
  • If the offender is holding a weapon in his hands, but does not take aim at you, – RUN! Only 4 of 100 victims are wounded by a bullet while running away. Even if you are shot at, most likely, this will not be a deadly wound. Therefore RUN.

Women have a sensitive nature, and they are inclined to sympathy and pity. Stop sympathizing – this can kill you! For example, serial killer Ted Bundy was a handsome, educated man, who always appealed to his victims’ feeling of trust. He limped and walked with a cane, requesting to help him get into the car. The next thing he did was to kidnap another victim.

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