Hong Kong Tycoon to Pay $65 Million to the Man Who Wins His Daughter's Heart

Cecil Chao determined to make a bold decision and promised a considerable sum of money ($65 million) to the man, who would be able to win the heart of his daughter Gigi Chao. It happened after he got to know that she had exchanged rings with her female partner in Paris.

Cecil Chao and his Gay Daughter

Gigi’s e-mail got flooded with letters from those, who wanted to marry her. The war veterans from the U.S. proposed the girl to date, she received proposals sent by the bridegrooms from Ethiopia, Istanbul, South America, and Portugal. The only letter that differentiated itself was from a Hollywood producer, who wanted to buy the rights to adapt the story for the screen.

Gigi Chao admitted that she was trying her best to respond to the letters with good intentions, but she did not even read most of the messages. The American Csmonitor news website quotes a couple of interesting messages: one groom from the USA wrote that he was very interested in the offer because he was gay, and another candidate (apparently unsure of his own irresistibility) offered Gigi to get acquainted with his brother – George Clooney’s double in the Leatherheads movie.

Was the girl upset because of her father’s interfering in her personal life? The answer is no. When commenting on her father’s action, Gigi said she was very touched and had no anger for him. She thinks it was his way of telling her that he loved her and that she deserved more!

It is interesting that 76-year-old Cecil Chao himself managed to do everything during his lifetime – he developed his business from scratch (he is engaged in real estate), had an affair with lots of women (he boasted the number of 10,000), but … he has never got married.

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