Eurovision 2012 Second Semi-Final Results


Baku, Azerbaijan – The second Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest determined the 10 contestants to participate in the Grand Final, which will take place May 26. The result was determined by a 50/50 split between televoting and national expert juries. Although only 10 countries have been lucky to continue the competition for Europe’s recognition, all of them deserve applause for the amazing show they have given us tonight at the Baku Crystal Hall. The overview and the results of the second Semi-Final are displayed below.

Eurovision 2012 in Baku

1. Željko Joksimović – Nije Ljubav Stvar – Serbia

Serbian representative, Željko, opened the show with a lyrical ballad he wrote himself – Nije Ljubav Stvar (Love is not an object). Interesting to know, this multi-talented artist can play 14 different musical instruments! Besides, he is a veteran of the Eurovision Song Contest – becoming a runner-up in 2004 as a performer and finishing third and sixth as a composer in 2006 and 2008. The performance started with enchanting violin sounds. Then Željko’s strong voice mesmerized the audience. It was a powerful beginning of the show.

2. Kaliopi – Crno I Belo – Macedonia

After that, the floor was given to Kaliopi who is the biggest pop star in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Kaliopi’s music career started at nine when she won a children’s song festival. She is also a poet, a composer, and an actress – she had the lead role in Cija Si Macedonian musical. Her song Crno I Belo started as a slow lyrical ballad, and then the beat changed, and the hall was filled with rhythmic rock sounding. The audience warmly welcomed Macedonia’s representative.

3. Joan Franka – You And Me – The Netherlands

Joan Franka from the Netherlands was next in line. Since childhood, she has been interested in theatre, poetry and music. The singer was mostly inspired by Spice Girls. Joan and her sister even formed a band, called J & N. In her song You and Me, Joan Franka told the story of a childhood friendship and a game of ‘Cowboys and Indians’. Her Indian outfit perfectly matched the main idea of the song.

4. Kurt Calleja – This Is The Night – Malta

Kurt Calleja from Malta began his music career in the school choir. He even worked as an air steward and he did not think then that he would stand on the Eurovision stage. Kurt’s performance at the 2012 Song Contest was quite different from the previous performances in the way of energy and dance beats. The young singer from Malta made everyone dance with his lively pop track This Is The Night.

5. Litesound – We Are The Heroes – Belarus

A truly international band – Litesound – were the next to come on stage of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest to represent Belarus and lit the fire performing the pop-rock song We Are the Heroes. The brothers Kariakiny from Belarus, Italian singer Jacopo Massa and Russian guitarist Alex Kolchin sent plenty of motivation to the audience making everyone cheer and sing along.

6. Filipa Sousa – Vida Minha – Portugal

Filipa Sousa from Portugal has been participating in music contests since the age of 12, so, when she is on stage, she feels at home. At the Eurovision 2012 second Semi-Final she performed a song Vida Minha (Life of Mine). A soft tune with elements of Portugal’s traditional musical style plus the emotional performance equaled an amazing performance that could not but touch the heart of every listener.

7. Gaitana – Be My Guest – Ukraine

The “lucky seven” was Gaitana, one of the most popular singers of Ukraine. Her experience in music makes up more than ten years. The singer has been awarded Best Female Singer of the Year and became the face of Francophonie Festival 2010. She wrote the Eurovision entry Be My Guest herself. Gaitana was dressed in white and had a pink flower wreath on her head. The images of dancers on the screen created an illusion of a dancing crowd on the stage.

8. Sofi Marinova – Love Unlimited – Bulgaria

The series of dance tracks at the second Semi-Final continued, as Sofi Marinova from Bulgaria performed her song Love Unlimited. In the lyrics of the song, there is a phrase “I love you” in ten languages. Sofi Marinova is one of Bulgaria’s top vocalists now, though she first started performing at weddings and christenings. She lit the fire in the hearts of her listeners and was warmly cheered by the audience.

9. Eva Boto – Verjamem – Slovenia

The youngest participant of the Eurovision 2012 second Semi-Final, Eva Boto from Slovenia performed a song Verjamem. The title of the song is translated into English as “I believe”. A few words about the participant. She is a high school student. Her favourite singer is Beyonce. She would like to get her further education in Austria or Britain and to study singing. Her performance enchanted the audience with sincerity and a wide specter of emotions expressed.

10. Nina Badrić – Nebo – Croatia

Another lyrical ballad was performed by Nina Badrić from Croatia – one of the nation’s top female artists. The song was titled Nebo (Heaven). The truly strong voice and artistic talent made her performance really bright. The interesting fact about Nina is that she is the face of the world campaign for Frederique Constant luxury watches. Have you seen her face in ads?

11. Loreen – Euphoria – Sweden

One of the favorites of the 2012 Song Contest – Loreen – came onto the stage to perform her song Euphoria. The dim light, the airy fabric of Loreen’s outfit flapping in the wind, fluttering hair, and the snow effect in the end of the performance – it nearly caused shivers. The audience went ecstatic as Loreen’s rich voiced filled the performance hall.

12. Anri Jokhadze – I’m A Joker – Georgia

Arni Jokhadze from Georgia entered the Eurovision stage dressed in a red gown with a hood and sang a line with an opera voice (his voice has 4 octaves, by the way). Then he cast off the gown and the fire began. The singer performed a dance-pop track I’m A Joker, which amused the audience and made them move.

13. Can Bonomo – Love Me Back – Turkey

Can Bonomo from Turkey is a talented musician, DJ and producer. Now it is hard to imagine that his first job in the music business was that of a sound engineer. The young singer performed a light and catchy song called Love Me Back. He was dressed as a sailor to stress the main idea of his track – the love confession of a lonely seaman to his beloved. Can Bonomo created a special atmosphere on the Eurovision stage – you could even see the image of a ship in the end.

14. Ott Lepland – Kuula – Estonia

Ott Lepland is the winner of Estonian Idol in 2009 and a cult figure in his native country. He was established as a child actor and released four albums still being a child. He has won a lot of competitions and became truly successful. This is how he explains his success: “I’ve done my own thing and remained true to myself.” His lyrical song Kuula (Listen) deeply touched the audience, even though there were no dancers, musicians or special effects to support the performance.

15. Max Jason Mai – Don’t Close Your Eyes – Slovakia

Then it was time for some hard rock on the Eurovision 2012 stage, and we must say it is not typical for the show. Max Jason Mai from Slovakia performed a song Don’t Close Your Eyes. Guitars, drums, leather, eyeliner and freaky hairstyles – everything was in the best traditions of hard rock, and the audience appreciated that.

16. Tooji – Stay – Norway

Everyone was waiting for Norway’s performance. Women’s hearts were beating faster when Tooji came onto the stage. Tooji is a Norwegian musician with Persian roots. He used to be a model, and his day job is a consultant in child protection. Tooji’s performance included a catchy dance tune with elements of national sounding, quality choreography, and wonderful light effects. The song is just what Europe likes.

17. Maya Sar – Korake Ti Znam – Bosnia & Herzegovina

The pre-last performance at the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision 2012 Song Contest was that of Bosnia & Herzegovina represented by Maya Sar – a supremely talented singer and a beautiful woman. The song Korake ti znam (I know your steps) was written by the artist herself. She started performing at the piano, and then stood up to face the audience, singing passionately and deeply. It was a truly remarkable show.

18. Donny Montell – Love Is Blind – Lithuania

Finally, it was Lithuania’s turn to conquer the Eurovision stage. Donny Montell made the listeners overwhelmed with his song Love Is Blind. He started performing blindfolded, and the song seemed to be slow and touching. In a minute the bandage was cast away, Donny Montell performed a somersault and continued with a dance track. In such a cheerful way the Eurovision 2012 second Semi-Final came up to an end.
<h3>Eurovision 2012 Semi-Final (2) Winners</h3>
Here is the list of the winners of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest second Semi-Final, who have been qualified for the Final of the Contest:

  1. Lithuania
  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. Serbia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Sweden
  6. Macedonia
  7. Norway
  8. Estonia
  9. Malta
  10. Turkey