Eurovision 2011 Second Semifinal Results


Düsseldorf, Germany – The second Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest has taken place today to finally determine the list of finalists who will represent their countries in the last stage of the greatest music show in Europe. 19 countries have attempted to qualify with their acknowledged national hits. Europe’s most perspective solo performers and bands have entered the stage again to prove their competence and display their talent. The results of the second semi-final of the song contest are given below!

Eurovision 2011 Song Contest

1. Dino Merlin – Love In Rewind – Bosnia & Herzegovina

The first performance that opened the Second Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest was Dino Merlin’s simple yet sweet song Love in Rewind. Few know that Dino Merlin is not only a talented singer and songwriter, but also the author of first national anthem of Bosnia & Herzegovina. His sincere performance was warmly greeted by the audience.

2. Nadine Beiler – The Secret Is Love – Austria

The next to perform was Nadine Beiler from Austria. This 20-year-old girl became famous when she won the talent show Starmania in her country. She is also said to be the best friend of the Ukrainian representative, Mika Newton, at the Song Contest. Nadine performed a soulful ballad The Secret Is Love that set a romantic mood and made the audience applaud and cheer loudly.

3. 3JS – Never Alone – The Netherlands

Then it was the turn of the representatives from the Netherlands to perform. The band’s name – 3JS – points to the number of its members and the first letters of their names. What is interesting about the group is that their debut album (which received gold status) was recorded at a home studio. The group are also the winners of the Edison Music Award. Their song Never Alone performed at the second Semi-Final received a warm welcome from the audience.

4. Witloof Bay – With Love Baby – Belgium

Next Witloof Bay from Belgium took the floor. They performed a fascinating song With Love, which is truly unique: no instruments or a synthesizer were used in it, it has been comprised of vocalizations only. Witloof Bay can probably be prized for being the most original at this Semi-Final – and economical, as well!

5. TWiiNS – I’m Still Alive – Slovakia

After that we saw the Slovakian duet TWiiNS that consists of twin sisters Veronika and Daniela Nízlová. The girls’ genuine talent is testified by the fact the three albums (out of four they have released) received gold status, and one became platinum. With their soul-touching performance, TWiiNS raised a storm of applause in the hall of the Eurovision 2011 Song Contest.

6. Mika Newton – Angel – Ukraine

Mika Newton from Ukraine continued the show. She performed a lyrical composition Angels. By the way, the Angels music video became the Newton’s 10th, jubilee video, and she hopes this fact will help her to gain victory. Mika’s performance on the Eurovision stage was supported by wonderful visual effects involving pictures on the sand. In the end, the words “Share your heart” appeared on the screen.

7. Zdob și Zdub – So Lucky – Moldova

The lyrical mood of the previous composition was swept away by the performance of the next contestants – the hardcore punk band Zdob și Zdub from Moldova. Colourful costumes and funny conic hats, a woman in a wedding dress riding a one-wheeled bicycle – all this created a cheerful and carefree mood, which was highly appealing to the listeners.

8. Eric Saade – Popular – Sweden

Eric Saade from Sweden set the Eurovision hall on fire with his single Popular. Before starting music seriously, Eric used to be mostly interested in football. He started his music career as the member of What’s Up band. Since 2009, he has had his solo career. Eric’s performance at the Eurovision 2001 second Semi-Final was supported by impressive visual effects and swift moves of the male dancers assisting him. Eric seemed confident and obviously enjoyed what he was doing, as well as the audience did.

9. Christos Mylordos – San Aggelos S’Agapisa – Cyprus

The next performer at the second Semi-Final was Christos Mylordos from Cyprus with the song San Aggelos S’Agapisa. Christos has been singing since 12, but he is a many-sided person and also enjoys tennis, swimming, and computer technologies. His performance at he second Semi-Final included a number of special effects: smoke, images of big swaying balloons, the play of light. The deep mellow timbre of the vocalist nearly sent the audience into frenzy.

10. Poli Genova – Na Inat – Bulgaria

Poli Genova from Bulgaria was the tenth performer on the Eurovision 2011 stage at the second Semi-Final. This young woman took part in national selections for Eurovision in 2005, 2006, 2009, and finally gained the right to represent her country in the Song Contest. The name of her song is Na Inat, which means “Despite everything”. The great range and power of Poli Genova’s voice, magnified by special visual effects made her performance unforgettable.

11. Vlatko Ilievski – Rusinka – F.Y.R. Macedonia

When dancers in white frocks with red roses in their hair ran onto the stage, it became clear that it was the turn of Vlatko Ilievski from Macedonia to perform. The former head vocalist of a rock band, a TV presenter, and a talented singer Vlatko performed the song Rusinka (“Russian Girl”), which was vigorous and cheery, and made everybody move.

12. Dana International – Ding Dong – Israel

At the second Semi-Final we could also see the 1998 Eurovision winner Dana International who represented Israel with a song Ding Dong. Dana looked feminine in her green dress, reaching the ankles in long stripes. She seemed confident, and her voice was floating smoothly. The audience was overwhelmed with emotions. It was surely a dignified return.

13. Maja Keuc – No One – Slovenia

“The lucky thirteen” was Maja Keuc from Slovenia with a single No One. Maja’s success began after she took the silver in a Slovenian talent show. Her song, performed in a strong voice with husky overtones sounded like a revolutionary anthem, and it certainly could not but impress the audience.

14. Hotel FM – Change – Romania

After that, we saw a pop-rock band Hotel FM from Romania on the Eurovision stage. It has been their second attempt to enter the Song Contest. The choice of the song has been successful this year, and today, at the second Semi-Final, the band addressed the whole Europe with a message of changing the world through the song Change. The energy of the performance was felt in every note.

15. Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street – Estonia

When the youngest contestant, Getter Jaani from Estonia, appeared on the Eurovision stage, it became clear that it was going to be a stylish and glamorous performance. The 18-year-old singer with her song Rockefeller Street managed to create a festive mood. Flashing lights and dancers in bright posh costumes contributed to this atmosphere.

16. Anastasiya Vinnikova – I Love Belarus – Belarus

Anastasiya Vinnikova – the next participant of the second Semi Final of the Eurovision 2011 Song Contest – is a would-be translator and studies at a linguistic university. But it doesn’t prevent her from what she does most eagerly – singing. The song I Love Belarus touched the heart of every listener with its patriotic message and the vocal prowess with which it was performed.

17. Musiqq – Angel In Disguise – Latvia

Next we enjoyed the performance of a Latvian duet Musiqq with the song Angel in Disguise. The duo consists of Marats Ogļezņevs and 18-year-old Emīls Balceris. The pop single that represents Latvia at the Eurovision 2011 has an energetic beat and a catchy refrain. It certainly could not leave the audience indifferent.

18. A Friend In London – New Tomorrow – Denmark

Then the hall was filled with the sweet sounds of the song New Tomorrow which called everyone to change the world for better. The song was performed by the Danish rock-pop band A Friend In London – this year’s representatives from Denmark at the Song Contest. Their optimistic and life-asserting message inspired the listeners and caused roaring applause and cheers.

19. Jedward – Lipstick – Ireland

The name of the band that closed the second Semi-Final is Jedward – the blending for John and Edward – the twin singers from Ireland. Their music career started after the X-factor show where they became finalists. The twins also have their own reality show. Their performance at this year’s Song Contest with the song Lipstick is considered one of the brightest. The second Semi-Final was closed on a positive and energetic note.

Eurovision 2011 Semi-Final (2) Winners

Here is the list of the winners of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest second semi-final, who have gained their places in the final of the Contest:

  1. Estonia
  2. Romania
  3. Moldova
  4. Ireland
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  6. Denmark
  7. Austria
  8. Ukraine
  9. Slovenia
  10. Sweden