Crooked Teeth – Sexy?

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “a beautiful smile”? White, straight teeth, you might say… But wait! The standards of beautiful teeth might be changing.

Canine Teeth Look Sexy

It is we, who value the snow-white smile, which has more than a dozen thousand dollars invested in it, but the Japanese do not think so. Crooked teeth, as those of a teenager, are now fashionable among them. And the local cosmetic industry is ready to assist Japanese women in having the smile of a little girl.

In the dental office, you will get the temporary mini canine teeth at your request, and they will look like deciduos (milk) teeth. These canine teeth are called Yaeba, which is translated as “a double tooth”, and the procedure costs $390.

Canine teeth

In fact, this might be a desire to look younger, as the experts say. Why not be younger in everything: not only making the skin cleaner and the hair thicker, but giving the teeth some youthful appearance as well.

Moreover, the Japanese people consider crooked teeth sexy. And the actress Kirsten Dunst agrees to it. She refused to radically change her teeth and said in an interview to the Elle magazine that her malocclusion contributed to her sexuality.

Crooked teeth are beautiful

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