Contraceptive Pills Ruin a Relationship?

Woman Taking Contraceptive PillsContraceptive pills can ruin a relationship, scientists at the University of Liverpool (Britain) report. According to the study, taking hormone contraceptives regularly can disrupt an instinctive mechanism by which women judge the genetic compatibility of men.

It turns out that contraceptive pills alter the way a woman perceives a male scent. Women are naturally attracted by men with genes different to their own because of their smell (it increases the risk of conception, but lowers the risk of genetic diseases). Taking pills changes women’s preferences to men with the same genes.

The researches say that while this change lowers the risk of conception, it may also have a bad effect on the chemistry between partners. But if the woman stops taking pills, her preferences change back and genetically “wrong” couple split, as a rule, scientists say.

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