Coffee Makes Your Breast Smaller?

Woman Drinking CoffeeHot arguments about health benefits and/or negative effects of coffee are very common these days. However, Scottish scientists recently announced a well-grounded reason on why this beverage should not be largely consumed by young ladies in particular. They claim that coffee prevents female body from developing breasts at normal rate. Coffee has been known for a long time for its numerous “side effects“. First of all, regular consumption of coffee can lead to addiction such that the vegetative-vascular system refuses to work without caffeine. Second of all, the drink contributes to a number of negative effects, such as yellow teeth, insomnia, gastritis, etc.

Yet, those facts can not stop the “joe” fans from enjoying the drink on a regular basis. Around 2.5 milliard cups of coffee are consumed daily around the world. The opponents of this “addiction” decided to make another strike, this time an aesthetic one.

A medical team from Lunds Universitet lead by Helena Jernström examined 270 young women who drink coffee regularly. The study was aimed to prevent potential cancer threats. In fact, earlier studies presented an interesting correlation between the breast cup size and the risk of breast cancer as well as a very rare form of heart cancer. At the same time, however, scientists have determined that consumption of three cups of coffee per day increases the chances of avoiding those dangerous diseases.

Due to those observations, the scientists asked themselves what would happen if they excluded the intermediate link and examined the direct effect of coffee on the breast size.

Everything turned out to be exactly as they anticipated it to be. They discovered statistically significant correlation between consumption of more than three cups of coffee per day during youth period and the cherished size during the prime-days. Helena Jernström concludes that coffee definitely has impact on the cup size. Yet, she adds that there is no need to fear complete disappearance of breasts, as the woman will still have them, however they will be slightly smaller than they would have been otherwise.

More detailed information on the results of the study can be accessed inside the British Journal of Cancer.

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