Brown-Eyed Are More Trustworthy

The scientists from Charles University, the Czech Republic, have found that brown-eyed people are really different from all the rest. It turns out that they are more trustworthy than others.

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An experiment was conducted with the participation of volunteers. They were shown male and female faces on the computer and were asked to rate the people in the photos according to the degree of their trustworthiness. Surprisingly enough, 60% of the people with brown eyes seemed trustworthy at first sight.

The researchers decided to find out whether eye color was the defining feature and demonstrated the pictures of the same people but with a different eye color to the participants of the experiment.

The scientists reached the conclusion that brown-eyed people were generally received with greater confidence. However, they admitted that eye color was not the only reason. According to the head of the research Karel Kleisner, people are more inclined to trust the people with the face type that is commonly seen among those who have brown eyes.

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