At What Age Do Women Find Themselves the Most Beautiful?

A new survey shows that women feel the most beautiful before their thirtieth birthday.


St. Ives company, the manufacturer of skin care products, has conducted a survey among women. Among other things, there was a question about the age at which women feel the most beautiful. The majority of the surveyed said that the age of 29 years was the peak of their appeal.

The reasons for such a response include not only the fact that the skin is almost flawless during this period (acne and pimples are in the past, and deeper wrinkles have not appeared yet). The sense of attractiveness is influenced by such things as self-confidence and love. And there is plenty of this at the age of 29 years.

Other findings of the survey were no less interesting. For example, most women said that they considered themselves the most beautiful on Friday at 10 am. Fatigue is the main reason why a woman no longer considers herself beautiful.

Almost half of the respondents indicated what made them feel less beautiful: stress and an abundance of beautiful women in their surroundings.

The most beautiful moments in the respondents’ life (the moments when the women perceived themselves at the peak of attractiveness) were their wedding day, vacation, and pregnancy. Compliments from other women (not from men!) were named as the best self-confidence booster.

What is the role of makeup in attractiveness? It seems to be not very big. 17% of the women said they felt the most beautiful when they were at home and without makeup. Only 7% said that the sense of beauty came to them, when they had a lot of makeup.

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