Active Twitter Users Suffer from Narcissism

The more actively an Internet user posts on Twitter, the more he or she suffers from narcissism. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers from the University of Michigan.

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The crazy popularity of Twitter, which allows you to tell the whole world about what you’re doing every hour or even every minute, has a strictly scientific explanation. The desire of millions of users to constantly speak about themselves on the Internet is a manifestation of narcissism, the highest form of self-love.

Scientists from the University of Michigan found out that the amount of time that a person spends in social networks, is a clear indication of his personality. The more tweets the user publishes and the more often he or she makes a post on Facebook, the greater he or she needs an approval of the actions and thoughts.

American researchers found out different forms of narcissism when using social sites. Marked braggarts who always want to declare something, select Twitter. Self-centered people who feel the need for self-assertion are more likely to use Facebook.

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