5 Branches Changed by the Space Forever

When humanity was getting ready to make its first step into space, a variety of industries were involved in the development of space exploration. After the great event had finally happened, many of the “space” things moved to Earth.


1. Clothing

Velcro fasteners and zippers on clothing, which are quite familiar today, appeared due to the development of the aerospace industry. Their first significant use was in the clothing for astronauts. The popular thermal underwear also originated from the extraterrestrial space. Moreover, much of the “medical” clothing, such as special clothing for children with mental disorders, was originally designed for the space industry.

2. Utensils

The famous non-stick frying pans have appeared due to the development of the aerospace industry. However, they did not produce frying pans for space vehicles, as you can guess. They created that very non-stick coating, which is now widely used.

3. Digital technology

Modern digital cameras and video cameras appeared because of the Cold War and the widespread dissemination of spy satellites rather than due to resourceful businessmen. The very first samples of such equipment included the latest technological inventions. Today, this military space development is finally available to each of us.

4. Appliances

Appliances have evolved due to the space industry. Generally speaking, all the “mobile” technology as such appeared thanks to space missions. We don’t even mean smartphones and laptops here, but such a simple thing as a vacuum cleaner. The first small vacuum cleaners were created for spaceships.

5. Communication

Perhaps the most obvious thing that space exploration gave us is communication. Systems of satellite geolocation, satellite communication, satellite internet, satellite TV etc. All of this became possible because of the space flights as these inventions were originally created to maintain the ships themselves.

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