3 Weight News of the Week

Today, we have combined three main news on the topic of excess and insufficient weight. On the one hand, obesity is bad for the career, and on the other hand, underweight is also useless. In any case, many of us gain weight every winter. Try to avoid fluctuations of weight!

People gain weight during winter

Most People Gain Weight in Winter

According to statistics, in the cooler months of the year more people feel relaxed. For example, in Australia, about 80% of women in the winter refuse training.

Thus, a person accumulates strength during winter to spend it later. This regime is adherent to all people without exception, as the experts believe.

But according to the British nutritional foundation, many people gain weight (from about 500 grams to 2 kilograms) during winter. The American experts have found that excess weight, gained during this period, is accumulated over the years and may later cause obesity.

Excess Weight Affects the Career

This was the conclusion of the study, confirming the theory that a person earns more, if the productivity of his work is higher. In its turn, obesity inhibits the working process.

Being overweight is associated with a large number of absences and spending more on paying the sick leave certificates. In some countries there is even a penalty for obese workers.

The connection between the weight of the woman and her salary is also well-known (in the eyes of employers, the weight is a direct reflection of the person’s health status). In particular, statistics shows that overweight women are less likely to get a work.

Low Weighing People Bear Surgeries Harder

According to the scientists at the University of Virginia, body mass index can be used to predict risks and the outcome of rehabilitation.

According to doctor George Stakenborg, for thin patients the risk is especially high during 30 days after surgery. This conclusion was based on the data analysis of about 190,000 patients, who had undergone various surgical procedures in 183 hospitals in 2005-2006.

What causes this tendency is still a question to be answered by the doctors. Perhaps low weighing people initially felt worse, and it caused their weight loss.