Why Do Women after 40 Gain Weight?

Nutritionists have found out why many women may rapidly gain weight after the age of forty.

Women become obese after 40

The leading American nutritionist Mark Icemoning said that 80% of middle-aged women are susceptible to sarcopenic obesity. In case of this obesity, adipose deposits are the result of lowering the mass of muscle tissue. The research of the experts has shown that the ladies lose from 30% to 50% of the total muscle mass by the age of 45 years. Because of the aging processes, the natural metabolism slows down, and low mobility accelerates the process of replacing the muscle mass with body fat.

The reduction of muscle mass helps to decrease the consumption of calories, and almost any food is turned into fat. The experts estimate that, as a result, ladies gain two extra sizes with every 10 years. Nutritionists say that for this reason the diet for the women of this elegant age has many special features. One of the secrets is not to overdo in removing excess body fat. A woman’s body should contain the optimal amount of fat.

The fact is that adipose tissue is capable of producing female hormones that protect blood vessels from narrowing, bones from osteoporosis, and trigger the brain to work actively. Another secret that ladies should take into account during diet is the maintenance of normal muscle mass. For this purpose, enough protein should be included in the menu. And most importantly, one should restore physical activity, which will help preserve muscle tissue. Such a regime would increase the rate of metabolic processes by 27%, which significantly reduces the likelihood of extra pounds. Anyway, if all else fails, liposuction could be an alternative for somebody.