Ten Sharp – You

I’d like to share with you a wonderful song that I like very much – “You” by Ten Sharp. It’s a hit of early 90s, which was very popular in some European countries including the UK, France and Sweden. The song is so beautiful, I think, text author Ton Groen was really in love when writing it. And the music composed by Niels Hermes is perfect. Ten Sharp is a Dutch band, their latest album “Stay” was released in 2003. Unfortunately, after that time there were no new songs of the band (at least I haven’t heard of them). I can only hope, that the 2003 album wasn’t the last one. I find Marcel Kapteijn (vocals) and Niels Hermes (keyboards), the two members of the band, very talented and I really enjoy other songs of Ten Sharp as well. But “You” is one of the most beautiful Ten Sharp songs. Here’s the music video of it. Hope, you will enjoy it too.

Song Text of You by Ten Sharp

It’s all right with me
as long as you
are by my side

Talk or just say nothing
I don’t mind your looks never lie
I was always on the run
finding out what I was looking for

And I was always insecure
just until I found

Words often don’t come easy
I never learned
to show you the inside of me
I know my baby

You were always patient
dragging out what I try to hide

I was always on the run
finding out what I was looking for
and I was always insecure
until I found

You, you were always on my mind
you, you’re the one I’ve been living for
you, you’re my everlasting fire
you’re my always shining star

The night’s always a good friend
a glass of wine, and the lights are low
you lying beside me, me full of love
and filled with hope….