Bang Bang Pow Pow Lyrics – T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne

Bang Bang Pow Pow is the intro track from T-Pain’s fourth studio album, Revolver (the stylized title looks like this – RevolveЯ). It is the third official single from the album. The song was written by Faheem Najm in collaboration with Tyler Williams and Dwayne Carter, Jr. It was produced by T-Minus. The track features verse by rapper Lil Wayne. There is no official Bang Bang Pow Pow music video yet, but we have provided the audio and the lyrics below. If you are a fan of rap music, this work by T-Pain and Lil Wayne will be to your taste. Enjoy!

T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne – Bang Bang Pow Pow Music Video

T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne – Bang Bang Pow Pow Song Words


My money right, my money money, my bread good (good, good)
Shawty f-ckin’, wassup girl? that head good!
Bang bang pow pow
I do my thang thang
Look at me now now

My money right, my money money cash up
Up up and away, face down, -ss up
I rep my town town, that’s where I’m from
So n-gga pow pow, bom bom

Money to blow, I’m living off tour
Boatload of cash, b-tch I’m overboard
I got money for these whores if you open up the door
the accounts and they all wanna?
Real talk, I don’t speak, even if it’s “hi hater”
I’m on top and nothing like the elevator
All these b-tches say I’m fly and I can never touch the ground
I’m not tryna be in your circle cause I don’t f-ck around

I get that money, that money (money)
I live it, I want it, Drop the top on that Ferrari
Now I’m in California
I let the hard top down and the wind blow through
All I do is win, what the f-ck you gon do
Good, good, good
I do this for my hood, hood, hood
Yeah, and ain’t nobody gonna stop me I’m doing it right now
So bang bang pow pow and everybody say
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Lil Wayne

I go so hard they call me go so hard
You ain’t a king, you a joker card
F-ckin’ up the Church money like an alter boy
I got the yellow xanex, call em tonka toys
I go bonkers boy, I put that on my mom and ‘em
The hoes are all alike, they put the hoe in homonym
I think all these n-ggas sound like me, that’s a compliment
I told a midget b-tch, I do it big hippopotamus
Put that on my Slime and ‘em
No B-ball; we stop and pop
No b-ball we got sh-t locked
Swagger ill, wassup doc
Make that p-ssy pop like the gun I went to jail for
Shoot the doors off that jeep, that b-tch look like a mail trunk
Ya p-ssy keep ya tail tucked, real n-ggas in this bitch
Get that p-ssy wet, f-ck her then I jet: Kenny Smith
T-pain voice, all I do is win and sh-t
Young money in here ya muthaf–kin’ face


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