Women in Red Regarded as Sexually Open

If you are going out in a red dress, you should know that other women will find you a predator and a frivolous person, according to the researchers from the University of Rochester.


Science has long established that men perceive women in red as those seeking carnal pleasures. Men are sometimes affected by red women’s clothing just like a bull by a red rag – it prompts them to action. Now scientists decided to find out how women themselves treat other women in red. As established by a group of researchers led by social psychologist Adam Pazda, women in red are perceived by other women as more sexually open and unfaithful.

Dr. Pazda says the color of women’s clothing not only affects what men think about women, but also what other women do. They found out that the idea is the same for both sexes, since red symbolizes love and lust. That is why women in clothes of other colors do not really want their friends in red close to their boyfriends or husbands.

According to the author of the research, there is a biological reason why red is perceived as sexy. When a woman is excited, she blushes, Dr. Pazda explains. At the same time, clothes of all the other colors, according to a study involving dozens of volunteers, do not cause such associations, even with sexy cuts and styles.

Meanwhile, white clothes are still associated with innocence and purity in most women. When the study participants were asked to guess about the financial well-being of women in clothes of various colors, it turned out that red does not prove wealth, it speaks only of a woman’s desires.

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