Women Prefer TV to Sex

An interesting new study by British scientists continues to explore the nature of women’s desires. Previously, it had been found that every tenth British woman preferred to have a dog and not a life partner. And now it has become clear that for some women TV is more interesting than sex.


The new study involved 2,000 women from the UK. It turned out that 39% of them prefer to watch TV instead of having sex.

A further test by British scientists showed that 76% of women prefer to have a time for themselves rather than sex. Women noted that it is more pleasant for them to enjoy a cup of herbal tea and relax than to go to bed with their partner.

Perhaps that is why women have to invent all sorts of excuses about headache, not to offend their partners with the fact they prefer watching TV series or reading a book rather than making love.

In addition, women need more time to prepare for sex. For example, unwanted body hair removal, which is not only painful, but also often leads to irritation, takes time and effort. It is quite natural that women are often simply too lazy to do it, even if they don’t mind sex. It just takes much less effort to watch TV. But will it benefit the relationship?

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