What Makes a Woman’s Body Beautiful?

Turkish scientists have found that men are attracted to women with a pronounced tilt angle between the back and buttocks. It turns out that this preference has evolutionary origin.


It is no secret that men choose women with a narrow waist, long legs and large breasts. However, Turkish scientists from Bilkent University have found that this list can also include the angle between the back and the buttocks. Researchers have found that men are attracted to women whose angle between back and buttocks is 45 degrees.

Such tilt gives a woman an advantage during late pregnancy, as she still retains fair endurance and can perform certain chores, including cooking. At least, that is what our ancestors were thinking about; these preferences have evolutionary origin and have preserved since the primitive communal system.

The discovery of Turkish scientists reveals a possible popularity secret of such magnificent figures as those of stars Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. According to scientists, extra weight around the buttocks often emphasizes the angle of the back. However, the researchers also found that men consider the physical curve of the back, known as the wedge vertebrae, an even more attractive part of the female figure than voluptuous buttocks.

These conclusions were reached after the researchers had showed the silhouettes of female bodies to 300 men, asking them to rate these figures according to their attractiveness. The tilt angle of 45 degrees between the back and buttocks was recognized most attractive by men.

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