Why Dating a Younger Guy?

The statement that a man should be older has already become the same rudiment as the dowry, such as down blankets or family silver. Yet, many women are still worried about the opinions of others when they start a relationship with a man much younger.

In general, what does this “much” mean and where is the limit of what is permitted? If the relationship does not contradict the Criminal Code, any age difference can be considered normal, and all other restrictions are only in our head.

The only thing that really needs to be taken into account is that the difference in age also means the difference in interests, goals and worldview. If your worldview does not contradict your partner’ vision, you should not care what other people think.

A relationship with a much younger man can be wonderful. Here are just a few of the benefits worth paying attention to.

It is easy to talk him into doing something

Firstly, a younger man must have little personal baggage such as broken marriages, abandoned children and failed careers. So, he treats life and love easily, as an interesting adventure.

Secondly, young people tend to be more active and enthusiastic. You don’t have to persuade him to go to the cinema, go on a spontaneous vacation or try something new. Most likely, you yourself will become more active with him.

Your sexual activity is almost on the same level

According to sexologists, female sexuality reaches its peak later than male sexuality and declines later. It turns out that the couple “Stifler’s Mom and student” is more harmonious in sex than the same-age couple or the one where the man is older.

Besides, men can guess about it. If you were chosen by a younger man, he certainly considers you very hot.

He values you as a person

If your partner is not confused by a decent age difference, be sure that he was carried away not only because of the beautiful eyes or your breasts (he could easily choose a younger girl), but also because of your personality.

Of course, ugly stories happen when young people use thriving adult women as a springboard for their successful career, but this is rather the exception. In other cases, young people are drawn to older women because it is more interesting with them, there is something to talk about and something to learn (and it’s not just about sex).


The man made this choice and disregarded social clichés, which means that he knows how to think, make decisions and appreciates you as a person.

He motivates you to be better

Next to a hot young guy, a woman is blooming. It is not only a matter of the increased activity and an expanding circle of interests. It is logical that, being in a relationship with a young man, a woman seeks to be in good shape, pays more attention to her health, mood and appearance.

Do you miss work?

Sometimes, women stop developing when they are wives of successful and adult partners – there see no incentive to develop. Of course, all men are different, and this does not happen to everyone. But the likelihood that a man will become your walking motivation increases in direct proportion to a decrease in his age.

He is more flexible than older men

It’s not about what you’re thinking right now. It’s not about his ability to deftly jump over the fence and pick flowers from someone else’s garden for his beloved woman either.

Men under 35 are more flexible in terms of psychology and emotions, they are less conservative, so it is easier to reach an agreement with them. Most likely, this is why marriages, where the husband is much younger than his wife, are often stronger.

They increase self-esteem

To be honest, dating a man much younger than herself, a woman realizes that she is “still hot.” Although we fear that society does not approve of such couples, at the back of our mind we understand that they are secretly envied by most of the same age.

There is nothing wrong if a woman tries to be reborn alongside a young partner, especially if the man was older and more authoritarian in a previous relationship. By the way, making a choice in favor of a more adult and experienced woman, the guy also gains more self-respect. If both can increase their self-esteem as a result of this relationship, this is a good therapy as well.

You will live happily ever after

In the end, according to statistics, women live longer than men. After 40-50 years of age, women may start thinking that there are no more normal men left. The situation could be corrected if women were the older partner in a couple.

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