What Do Men Like Most about Female Body?

Popular science magazine Nature has published the results of study showing what part of female body looks most appealing to men. The group of American natural scientists headed by Michel Hopkins discovered that the most appealing thing about women’s body is their waist, and the smaller the waist, the better.


English poetry of XVI – XVII centuries celebrated nothing of female body but a small waistline. Devendra Singh form the University of Texas, Austin, claims that his research team examined more than a hundred of old poems and they mainly berhymed female waist. Poets just occasionally mentioned such female charms as breast and thighs. Long legs, tall height and small weight are all the standards of our times imposed on the society by high-fashion business and advertising. Obviously, famous fashion models such as Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen haven’t got any waist.

In Ancient Egypt, from Victorian era and till the first issue of Playboy magazine was published, “sand-clock” like female figure had been highly praised or how they said in South Europe – “guitar”.

But the secret of plump body shape and small waists lies not only in eye appeal. Such form of female body tells about woman‘s health and fertility. It indicates small abdominal fat deposits and the high level of female sex hormone – estrogen.

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