What Makes Men Hate Women & How to Cope with a Misogynist?

There are many reasons why some men do not like women. How to get in touch with misogynists and is it possible to change their attitude towards women?

Have you met a man who authoritatively claims that all women are foolish or belong to the lower race, and in general the words “a woman” and “trouble” are synonyms? This is a misogynist.

So, there is a special term for haters of women – misogynists. One may believe that they pathologically hate all women. Our opinion is that they do not like people in general.

There are two types of misogynists:


Actually, they do not even conceal their attitude. Such a man thinks every woman is a bitch, while he is handsome and innocent. There are real fanatics who raise this topic in any company and prove their point of view ardently.


They don’t particularly talk about their feelings. They hate women silently and wait for an opportunity to do something nasty. It is a real torture for them if the woman is their boss. This is an unbearable situation for such men and their ego.

Women haters do not die virgin. Many of them get married and turn the girl into a home slave. Washing, cleaning, cooking… This woman’s whole life will be spent fulfilling the wishes of her husband. There will be many of them. Didn’t you have enough time to cook his favorite dish? This is something you will regret about. Physical abuse is a common thing in such families.

“Kitchen, children’s room, bedroom” – a misogynist clearly outlines the responsibilities of women. If she claims to be something more – she automatically is treated like dirt. Indeed, according to his logic, a woman should not have her own opinion.

Where do misogynists come from? Psychologists do not consider this hatred a pathology; it is a phobia. You need to look for its roots in the men’s past.

Reasons for hatred

A family model

The boy must have had a strict father, who used to punish everyone (even the kid’s mother). Having matured, the guy begins to appreciate his physical superiority and considers weak women the second rate.

The second option is hyper-protection on the part of the mother. If she took care of her child, did not let him do a hand’s turn without her control and make his own decisions – the boy developed an inferiority complex. He hates his addictive state, and this feeling is then transferred to all women.


Again, they are associated with women. He was a pimpled teenager, tried to get acquainted with a girl from another class – was rejected and laughed at. Maybe, she even told her friends about him.

Attempt No. 2 – and another failure. The guy concludes: why do I need these women if they bring fear, ridicule and humiliation?

Dislike can occur in adulthood. For example, a wife left her husband for a lover. He used to cherish her and brought armfuls of flowers in the morning. He was not appreciated and misunderstood. His disappointment and resentment have transformed into misogyny.

An unloved child

Mom is the first woman in the life of every man. Either she becomes an example and a role model or the biggest disappointment. The boys who lacked mother’s love grow up with a lack of understanding of how to build normal relationships. It’s easier for them to withdraw and say they need no tenderness. Having sex is enough for them, so they do not bother trying to win the girl’s heart.

The man used to be an unloved child, but today he is a respectable businessman in an expensive suit. However, the disliked boy did not disappear, which means that his behavior has not changed.

Sexual experience

“Yes, you are a complete failure in bed”, “Are three minutes really your maximum?” – such phrases give rise to a huge inferiority complex and damage the pride awfully. Fear arises that the person will disgrace himself. One thinks about the formula: no relationship – no pain. The man will not reveal his vulnerability and will do everything to portray the woman as a selfish and mercantile one. He feels calmer this way.

A bad character

Yes, this happens. A man can be greedy, aggressive, too touchy, and boring… This puts off women. In order not to look for a reason in himself, he begins to blame the fair sex: “They need nothing but money,” “All women are selfish.”

Internal conflicts

If a person has the wrong idea of sexual behavior, it can manifest itself in different ways. Hidden sadism, craving for men, masochism…

Relations with girls do not give the desired pleasure. He transfers his inner conflict to those around him: the guy believes that he is fine and everyone around him is somehow inferior.

Symptoms of a Woman Hater

These guys do not wear a sticker saying “Caution: a misogynist!”, but there is a number of signs which help recognize them:

They hate all women. Without exception. It doesn’t happen that a misogynist adores one woman and avoids another one. He is contemptuous of any lady he meets.

They praise masculine qualities and devalue feminine ones.

They never recognize the success of a woman. If she has become a director, she must have a rich lover. If she drives a new car, she must have a rich lover. The logic is clear.

In a relationship, a man behaves like a tyrant. An equal partnership with him should not be expected. He easily breaks promises, is rude and puts up scenes of jealousy. Yet he will never forgive such attitude to himself.

Monogamy is not his strong point either; he does not consider it necessary to be faithful to one woman.

All his actions are aimed at humiliating a woman. Even in bed, he occupies a dominant position and does not particularly care about the partner’s pleasure.

Is it possible to fix a misogynist

Only if he wants this. In most cases, such men are sure that everything is fine with them and they have no problems. For them, this is what norm looks like. Although much depends on the perseverance of women.

You need to study into the problem, but only a psychologist can help you find its origin. This has to be a male psychologist because a misogynist will simply refuse to turn to a woman who, as he puts it, “will not say anything smart.” Finding a solution to the problem can take years, and sometimes it will give no result at all.

If time passes, and the relationship never moves forward, it’s time to ask yourself the question: “What am I getting from this union? His benefits are clear: constant sex, ironed shirts, homemade food… But what is he doing for you in return?”

If a woman does not feel loved, desired, and happy in a relationship – she does not need this partnership. There is no need to suffer and give the best years of life to him who does not need it. There will certainly be a different man who will carry you in his arms. Just give him a chance.

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