4 Ways to Make a Woman Want Sex

Forget about female Viagra once and for all. Here are some more natural ways to increase libido and sexual desire in women. While pharmacists in different countries are unsuccessfully trying to create female Viagra, the wisest women are turning to a more affordable prescription for sexual desire enhancement.

4 Ways to Make a Woman Want Sex

Amy Riley an expert in aphrodisiacs recommends a romantic dinner for those who want to stimulate their libido. Seafood has a good influence on sexual desire especially the Mediterranean mussels. Amino acids in them directly increase hormone levels in men and women. Fennel, which contains a natural substance similar to estrogen, is also recommended.

Psychologist Dr. Lisa Turner advises to take a break in your sexual life for at least a week. Women often feel pressure from men about discharge of their marital duties and this directly affects excitation. Avoid sex for seven days but do not avoid kissing and sensual touching. After all, we often forget what a pleasure it is to just touch a loved one.

Any kind of literature especially erotic ones is a safe field for all experiments, – says the author of erotic novels, Kay Dee Grace. – Many women are worried about making love and about sex life because they do not know how they should be ideally. In contrast to erotic movies, books are more subtle. A written word leaves room for fantasy and imagination. Personally, I think the most erotic book in the world is the novel “Gone with the Wind”.

Andress Randy Favoritto, a seller of erotic underwear recommends one to invest more money in underwear. – Beautiful stockings, corsets, panties not only can arouse a man in real earnest but will make you feel more confident and desirable. Good underwear will make you feel sexy in any form!

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