Voice Tells Who Cheats

Canadian scientists have conducted an interesting study to identify the relationship between the voice of a man and his faithfulness in love relationship.

Man with cell phone

An expert group of volunteers of both sexes has been chosen. The researchers have suggested that they should listen to the recording of male and female voices of diverse tone and guess which owners of those voices were more inclined to be unfaithful to their beloved person. The data obtained let the authors of the study conclude that the tone of one’s voice had direct influence on the strategy of choosing a partner, and also demonstrated how a person treated the idea of betrayal.

According to the scientists, their experiment has shown that people are “playing” with the tone of their voice as a strategic sexual trick. At the same time, a low tone of voice serves as a warning of a man’s potential proneness to infidelity. Paradoxically, as the research has demonstrated, women predominantly like men with a rather low voice.

The study is discussed in a more detailed way in the news review of the Science magazine.

Source of the image: Photl.

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