Top 28 Reasons for the Couples to Argue

While minor clashes over the daily routine are quite normal and can even be taken as a sign of a healthy relationship, just how many spats exactly is it healthy to have? Esure Home Insurance decided to get it straight and ended up with an impressive list of family problems that cause nearly 2,500 arguments per year!

Family argument

What is it that makes two people in love go for each other’s throat? Most often it happens because a partner doesn’t listen to what his or her other half is saying, as emerged from a research of 3,000 people who live with a partner or are engaged in a long-standing relationship.

Money problems, shirking house chores and snoring through the night appear as other frequent reasons behind family frays.

Funny enough, sex with all its possibilities for a good fight doesn’t come very high on the list, losing to such more important issues as what to watch on TV or what to have for a meal – a topic that ignites a flare about two times every week.

Want to see how much of the findings apply to you? Here goes:

  1. Turning a deaf ear to the partner causes 112 tiffs per year
  2. Spending too much – 109
  3. Various money issues – 108
  4. Not helping about the house – 105
  5. Snoring in sleep – 102
  6. Too many bills – 98
  7. Meals – 92
  8. Driving speed – 91
  9. Neglecting to take stuff up the stairs – 90
  10. House cleaning – 90
  11. Television channels – 89
  12. Children’s behavior – 88
  13. Soiled clothes lying about the house – 88
  14. Best time to have sex – 87
  15. Not paying enough attention to one another – 84
  16. When to send children off to bed – 83
  17. Leaving the washing in the machine – 82
  18. Coming home late in the evening – 82
  19. Messing around in the kitchen – 82
  20. Walking about the house in muddy shoes – 80
  21. Pampering the children – 79
  22. Using bad language in children’s presence – 79
  23. Cooking supper – 79
  24. Leaving cupboard doors open – 79
  25. How to park the car – 77
  26. Ignoring your phone calls – 76
  27. Not being polite – 75
  28. Forgetting to say “I love you” – 69

All those – however trifling – add up to 2,455 arguments in a year.

Commenting on the findings, Nikki Sellers, Esure’s Head of home insurance, pointed out that having quarrels about 7 times a day does seem a little too much. Unless people agree to put up with each other’s habits and live down small daily irritations, they will go on wrangling which leaves them wondering if they should go on living with their partner.

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