The Dangers of Online Dating

Online dating has become so common that most of us no longer bat an eyelid if someone says they met the love of their life online. Dating platforms on the internet are a great way to meet new people, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely safe.

There are too many people who use online dating apps to target unwary souls. And while it is possible to meet that Mr. or Ms. Perfect online, it is best to know what kind of dangers you could face on such platforms.

Beware of Scammers

Statistics show that 10% of all people on online dating platforms are out to scam others. One of the most common scams is trying to get money off the people they meet online. The process starts with building trust and creating a relationship. And then, after a time, an accident or other unfortunate event takes place and they ask you for money.

Beware of Predators and Sex Offenders

Another statistic shows that sex offenders comprise 10% of all dating profiles online. And about 25% of rapists find their victims online. Every single year, more than 16,000 kidnappings, hundreds of murders and thousands of rapes are committed by predators through online dating sites.

This makes it really important that you do your research before you meet your date. As creepy as it sounds, it is best if you check the sex offenders’ list available on public records before you accept any invitations to date a person.

Identity Theft

It is best if you do not give any personal information like your phone number, address, social security number, credit card number, your birthdate and so on when you are chatting with someone online. No matter how much the trust has built. That’s how identity theft takes place.

It’s better to be safe than end up with having to hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect you after you find that your name or your personal information has been used in a criminal act.

Beware of Liars

More than half of all online daters lie on their profile. While most of these lies could be small white lies, there are those that lie about something more serious like their relationship status.

There are thousands of people who are married but are using online dating websites to cheat on their spouses and partners.

Do as much research on the person before you agree to meet him or her. Do not give out any personal information, no matter what. Use a trusted, paid dating site, one that has been recommended by friends and family, and one that has been vetted by reputable media outlets.

Dating, whether it be in real life, or online, can be a dangerous thing. There is no guarantee you are safe just because you meet your date through people rather than on a dating platform. And it is possible that you can meet some really wonderful people through online dating apps, all you need to do is be careful.

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