13 Ways of Making More Money on the Side

In the face of long winter holidays, the topical issue of additional earnings becomes even more pressing. We suggest remembering what you can do to help you start earning today.

1. Creation of photobooks and photomagnets

To do this, you will need some basic skills in working with photo editors, a sense of beauty, a special set of equipment and materials. Photobooks are gaining popularity because of their originality. It is a perfect gift for any person and promising business.

As for photomagnets, it is almost a boundless sphere for development and earning money. Of course, you have to read a little, attend professional forums and make a couple of trial products for yourself or your close friends. Only then you can offer a truly competitive product.

2. Non-standard cooking

Baking and decorating homemade cakes are a win-win option for an additional source of income. The trouble is that this market is very busy today. Therefore, you can create more original culinary products for sale, such as handmade chocolates, all kinds of cakes, painted gingerbreads (Christmas, wedding, personal cookies or souvenirs) and gingerbread houses.

Another excellent option for earning money will be… meat snack cakes. For example, the popular Swedish Smörgåstårta dish – a cake that combines hot smoked fish, ham, shrimp, and vegetables. This is an original and very tasty dish for any table. You can also include pre-ordered cooking of tartlets, canapés and miniature sandwiches.

3. Tutoring

If you have excellent knowledge of the sciences and know how to explain complex things in a simple, accessible and patient way, feel free to take up tutoring. Study modern school curricula and possible tasks for the final exams. Individual classes of playing musical instruments are also a great way of fixed earning.

4. Personal fitness trainer services

If you like sports and regularly go to the gym, you can attend specialized courses to work as a personal trainer or an instructor in a gym. Such part-time work is the perfect combination of pleasant and useful pastime!

5. Knitting

If you know how to use a crochet or needles, you already have potential customers from your own environment. Stylish knitted accessories, children’s clothes, bags, beautiful women’s stoles, outerwear, fashionable removable collars, dresses, toys and even rugs with fur imitation! In addition, you can create unusual children’s costumes and the details of clothes for photo sessions.

6. Designing things

First of all, one could mention the technique of decoupage, thanks to which wonderful things can be produced. You can decorate various objects, caskets, watches, vases, dishes, frames and even shoes with an interesting ornament or pattern. For the New Year holiday, you can offer exclusive Christmas tree decorations to your customers.

In addition, handmade greeting cards and scrapbooking are very popular. In most cases, the bulk of orders are for weddings: caskets and envelopes for money, invitations, gift wrapping, nice gifts for guests. But you can decorate goods for all kinds of holidays, of which there is a great many!

7. Translations

You can take up technical translations, writing materials and articles for foreign publications, translating books and scientific articles in your spare time. In addition, companies often look for a remote interpreter who can work in real time.

Experts in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting are in demand for conferences, negotiations, and symposiums. The services of professional translators are constantly needed by private individuals, publishers, mass media and all kinds of organizations.

8. Ordered verses

Original poems are popular not only among the newlyweds but also among those who like to present unusual gifts. Poetic creations will help to make a beautiful love confession, to congratulate a birthday person on his/her birthday or a close person on the anniversary of your friendship. You can come up with several options for creating a ready-made intellectual product, for example in the form of beautiful postcards in different styles or photobooks.

9. Unusual pictures

It is very pleasant to decorate an interior with an original art canvas. Do not be afraid to fantasize and use a variety of materials to work on your masterpieces. Paintings have already been created from screws and even socks.

Offer your customers something extraordinary. For example, canvases made of unadulterated wool or small paper flowers, bright fabrics or semiprecious stones, skillfully selected rhinestones or sequins. The material for pictures can be selected depending on the subject and the room where the canvas will be placed.

10. Work as a courier

A lot of online stores, restaurants, cafes, and companies use courier services, so feel free to try to get employed as a courier in your spare time. If you are lucky, you can get a job in several companies at once, but the main thing is to correctly predict your abilities. The combination of a taxi driver and a courier would be an ideal option.

11. “Cakes” and bouquets of diapers

Bouquets of toys have long won the hearts of buyers. But do not stop there! Unusual compositions can be created even from the most usual things that are always needed in the household and are constantly presented as gifts.

A simple gift can be turned into a work of art, which will definitely excite everyone. A “cake” from socks, diapers or clothes would be perfect on a baby’s birthday, whereas a woman’s birthday or February 14 can be celebrated with a “cake” made of beautiful lace underwear and negligee. In short, do not restrict your imagination and that of your customers.

12. Typing and editing texts

If you perfectly know at least one language and perfectly cope with stylistic errors, apply as a proofreader and a text editor. Especially, if you already have some experience in this area. But even without it, you can write a resume correctly and choose the most suitable variant of cooperation with the publisher from a variety of Internet offers.

Writers, students and even scientists often apply for services in the field of rendering handwritten texts into electronic formats. In addition, be ready to decrypt dictaphone records and arrange the finished text according to the given template. Besides, you can work from any place that is convenient for you.

13. A master for an hour

Here you can enlist the range of services almost endlessly: repairs of plumbing or electrical wiring, apartment repairs, services of assembling furniture, repairing household appliances. All of this is in constant demand.

If you have the necessary skills, you can help in repairing computers and office equipment and provide other services in this area: installing the operating system, connecting and setting up equipment, refilling cartridges, configuring software for smartphones, consulting on the use of additional applications – modern users will eagerly entrust you with solving all sorts of technical problems.

There are hundreds of options for additional earnings. A remote assistant manager, running your own blog, promoting products in social networks, organizing a kindergarten at home, looking after animals, growing seedlings, breeding pets for further sale, drawing portraits, working as a guide, etc. Choose what you like most of all, come up with your business ideas, develop them and earn money. You are sure to succeed!