Signs You’re Sexually Incompatible with Your Partner

What signals are important to consider at the first contact, and what ways of developing a relationship should be indicated if you and your partner are sexually incompatible?

Sexual compatibility plays a huge role because physical intimacy is an integral part of a harmonious and healthy relationship. Nature is arranged in such a way that it brings partners with a different set of genes together for the possibility of procreation: primary physical and emotional identification occurs as soon as possible – 10 seconds after meeting.

In sexual matters, not everything is so obvious. There are indisputable signals and landmarks, which can help conclude that partners are sexually incompatible. There are also variables that both partners can work on. What should you look for in order to understand if you are compatible with your partner?


The first impression when hugging and kissing is made on our olfactory organ. There is a vomeronasal organ in the human nose, which unmistakably determines the sexual compatibility of partners by their pheromones. If the smell of your partner seems to you harsh, unpleasant, repulsive, you cannot ignore it. This is a natural indicator of sexual compatibility between partners.

Even if you like a person visually and intellectually, but you do not like their smell, sexual intimacy with such a person is likely to disappoint your expectations.

Voice timbre

The manner and speed of a person’s speech can say a lot about the features of his character. A leisurely, but not the monotonous speech of a person can be called sexually attractive. It is a confident voice, not breaking into screeching or inappropriate laughter. It should have depth and sensuality.

If you are annoyed by some parasite words, you can still work on this problem, but if your hearing is irritated by the tonality, speed of speech, and depth, it will hardly be possible to achieve sexual unity with such a person.

Sexual constitution and temperament

In ancient times, the ancestors laid down the frequency of sexual contact necessary for survival. You can’t argue with nature, no matter how hard you try. Increasing the sexual activity of a sexual partner with reproaches and claims is an unpromising task.

An indicator called the trochanteric index determines your type of sexual constitution. If a couple has completely different indicators, do not try to change them. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to work. The need for sexual intercourse among partners should still be approximately equal.

Rhythm and speed

At the first sexual contact, partners have only an approximate aftertaste of their sexual intercourse. Pheromones and adrenaline turn off critical thinking, and only later do we feel the difference in the frequency of frictions, which may be uncomfortable for us.

Unpleasant sensations cannot be tolerated; it is better to immediately inform your partner about them. The fast frequency of frictions stimulates the erogenous zones more intensely. For someone, higher intensity is suitable, for someone it is not. But you can always find a suitable speed that suits both. The main thing is not to be afraid to focus on this during the sexual act, gently direct the partner and tune in to the same rhythm.


Unfortunately, nature is not so interested in female orgasm, because you can get pregnant without it. First of all, the woman herself should take care of her pleasure, but, if she is lucky, her man will think about her too. By stimulating the erogenous zones, we bring the body to its peak state, but in the absence of orgasm, we do not allow it to throw out the accumulated energy.

In the absence of emotional and physiological discharge, disappointment in sex and a partner follow, which spoils the relationship. On the one hand, a woman should work on getting an orgasm on her own. On the other hand, she should include her partner in the search and activation of her erogenous zones.

Sexual skills

None of us have an innate knowledge of what and how to do during sex. Of course, nature will tell you the main points, but we get the skills in the process. It happens that we do not know our erogenous zones, and even more so we do not know our partner’s erogenous zones.

Studying the erogenous zones of both partners will help to achieve what you want and not only get pleasure yourself but also deliver it to your partner. Similar knowledge and skills can be obtained from training on sexuality education or from specialized literature.


Children’s complexes leave imprints for the whole life (including sexual life), even though many memories are replaced over time. There are limits because of which it seems that touching yourself and others is embarrassing and unpleasant, and sometimes even scary.

In the future, such partners may not be sensual enough. They may seem cold and will not spend a lot of time on foreplay, embarrassed by the naked body. All these blocks in the head do not make it possible to fully enjoy sex.

If your partner or you see a problem in the complexes formed in childhood or adolescence, do not give up – all the limits can be removed with psychocorrectional methods.

It is up to you to work on the sensual side, look for common ground or find a more suitable sex partner. But do not forget about the depth of your feelings and emotional closeness, which also play an important role.

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