Sex and Marriage

Sexual relationships change after wedding, and so do both spouses. It happens quite often that many couples feel their sex drive towards each other blunts. For these couples, having sex once a month becomes a norm. Every day problems each couple faces greatly contribute to this decrease in sex drive. He who induced only positive emotions earlier now becomes associated with dirty socks scattered all over the house and strange stains on a toilet rim. Why this happens and what can we do about it?

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How Sex Changes with Time

While earlier sexual intercourses always felt new, now you often experience deja vu. Of course, you can’t blame it all on this. Actually, keeping sexual relationships exciting requires much creativity and learning new things.

Why Sex after Marriage Is Often Boring

At first stages of relationship, our hormonal profile is different. What we call “love” triggers the release of certain hormones into the blood, which boosts sex drive. These hormones keep us having sex all night long and then working all day long without feeling tired. 1-1.5 years later, these processes begin to slow down. Some people may experience the change even earlier. The lack of this hormonal “dope” blunts sexual relationships. It means that now you have to try harder to get your partner in the mood.

How to Make Post-Marriage Sex More Exciting

That’s why you have less sex. And if you do have it, it comes out pretty boring. Yet, you can restore fading feelings if you’ll give it a good try. When hormones fail to do their job, it’s time for creativity. Experimenting with new caresses and poses can help reveal new erogenic zones and get early sensuality back. While earlier sex was about overwhelming emotions, it now becomes a process that brings new feelings and helps partners to learn new things about each other.

Share Our Sexual Desires

So what’s the action? Share with each other. If you want to change something, make you partner understand what and how you’d like it most. Find caresses that would please you both.

How to Save Sexual Life in Marriage

Top tip on how to save any sexual relationships is about trying to satisfy the partner. If both spouses share this attitude, their sexual life will be rewarding. Until egoism prevails, you’ll keep fighting because one of you gets satisfied and turns his or her back on the other.

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