Separate Bedrooms Strengthen Marriages

Seven out of hundred divorcing couples separate because of the need to share one bed. British scientists found the easiest way to save marriages. The scientists having separate bedrooms or at least beds should help.

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This conclusion, which may seem controversial in many ways, is based on results of a study financed by the Silentnight company, which is recognized as a leader in production of beds and mattresses. The study showed that practically every fifth couple sleeps in separate bedrooms. Area is not the only reason for such choices, but habits play key role as well. Seven out of every hundred divorced couples file for divorce due to getting poor sleep when sharing one bed.

The researchers noted, that women, oddly enough, usually act as initiators to use separate beds, since they are the ones who most often find themselves at disadvantage in comparison to their husbands and children. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 23% of married couples sleep in separate bedrooms, just like people used to during the Victorian era.

The experts believe that in 5-6 years the number of couples sleeping separately will reach 60%.

Sleeping in separate bedrooms tends to improve relationships, promote good mood, and boost work efficiency. It was also found that sleeping in separate beds at the critical moments of the couple’s life leads to enhancement in sexual desire. Yet, the researchers also warn that this can also lead to destruction of desire. “It is crucial to choose the right distance. If you distance yourself too much from your partner, one of you or even both can develop the idea that he or she can perfectly exist without the spouse”, claims psychotherapist and psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli.

Meanwhile, modern young couples become to develop tendency to be willing to sacrifice the looks or size of the kitchen or living room when choosing or building a new hope in order to get an extra bedroom.

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