Phrases That Help Avoid a Conflict

When a conflict in the relationship is breaking out, one of the following phrases will help you avoid an argument:


1. What can I do to improve the situation?

Thus you will demonstrate to the partner your willingness to solve the problem and make a constructive suggestion.

2. Let’s take a break

I am ready to listen to all your claims carefully, but let us first pause for a couple of minutes and watch something funny (a favorite comedy or a video on Youtube).

This break will help you relieve tension and go back to the painful issue in a better mood. It would be even more useful to postpone the discussion until the next day, when emotions subside.

3. Help me understand why you think so and what your conclusions are based on

This simple phrase shows your love of peace and a sincere desire to understand the partner’s point of view. During the conflict, people often do not listen to each other and often talk about opposite things.

4. You are cute, even when you swear

It may sound like the desire to avoid discussing the conflict, but it will make you both smile and feel sympathy for each other, which ultimately will help find the right solution to the conflict. Do not forget that you are looking for a solution to the problem, but do not try to break the relationship.

5. Do you think the situation is better or worse than the earthquake that we survived last year?

A reminder about a serious trouble that you have overcome together will allow you to remember that you are a team and that together you can overcome any trial.

6. Let’s stop this quarrel now

This phrase demonstrates your understanding that the relationship is more important than finding the truth. There are cases where it is not necessary to find out who is right and who is wrong. It is more important to preserve the relationship.

7. I think a cup of coffee or tea will help us find the right solution quickly.

Perhaps you are at the limit; you may be tired or hungry. Your favorite drink will help relieve the stress and discuss the problem in a peaceful way.

Remember that in any situation there is a way out. As a rule, more than one way out. Think, search and you will find a solution that satisfies both of you. Do it with love and due consideration given to the opposite point of view. Talk about your feelings, do not blame and do not insult each other. Instead, offer constructive solutions.

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