One-Night Stand Could Be Winked at by 20% of Women


Yes, 20 per cent of women were found to be magnanimous enough to forget and forgive their man one-night sexual encounter if he claimed it meant nothing much to him. Researchers for who conducted a survey of 3,000 people affirm that an impressive number of women are ready to continue relationship with a man who confessed to cheating on them once without an intention to embark upon an on-the-side love affair.

Couple in love

Nevertheless, having regular sex with another woman will result in a break-up in 90 per cent of cases – while 80 per cent of Britishers are ready to accept their partner’s emotional involvement with somebody else as long as it doesn’t take them to bed.’s research team admits that it wasn’t what they had expected to find. “We assumed people would be more concerned about the emotional aspect of relationships than the physical,” said a spokesperson, “instead people feel the exact opposite.”

Kissing and snogging with another woman are dead sure to lead to trouble in 50 per cent of couples, whereas provocative remarks, office flirting or even gifts for somebody else can be shrugged off as unimportant.

Text indiscretion may be overlooked while text sex can take one along the road to hell, proving that showing an interest in another person or even sharing confidences with him or her is not regarded as dangerous for the existing relationship – once again, until it has ended up in having regular sex.

So before anyone feels an itch to get closer to a person other than their current partner, it’s a good idea to check with the lists of study findings first to know how you stand… But don’t rely on them absolutely!


  1. Regular sex
  2. One-off sex
  3. Kissing and snogging
  4. Feeling someone else up
  5. Text flirting and text sex
  6. Provocative emails
  7. Night club flirting and dancing


  1. Office flirting
  2. Teasing colleagues of opposite sex at work
  3. Lunches or after-work drinks with a colleague
  4. Social network indiscretions
  5. Confidences exchanged with another person
  6. Frequent and long telephone talks
  7. Presenting someone else with gifts

And keep your eyes peeled for your partner’s reactions no matter how slight your indiscretions are – for he or she may belong with the minority of the people polled!

Source of the image: Photl.