No Sex on the First Date Means Love

First DateUsing mathematical model British scientists found that refusing to have sex on the first date increases the chance of building up long-lasting relationship. Professor Robert Seymour, from University College London, established that only longer courtship enables woman to choose the right partner.

The research uses a game theory to analyze how partners behave in the mating game. This model is based around the idea that women often quit relationship because they fear their partners won’t make good fathers.

Robert Seymour says that the courtship is a kind of gender war, and sexual relationship means achieving equilibrium. It suggests that longer courtship gives the woman more time to get information about the partner.

“A male’s willingness to court for a long time is a signal that he is likely to be a good father”, – the professor concludes.

I’m not sure this is a rule with no exceptions. There are so many loving couples that started their relationship with a passionate night on the first date.

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