Love Is Narcotic

Love is NarcoticIt turns out that love is somewhat like narcotic. Love becomes addictive, produces physical and physiological dependence and even withdrawal syndrome. Scientists at British National Centre for Narcology have come to that point. After they’d conducted many studies and interviewed lovers, scientists discovered that outburst of love caused the physiological changes in brain similar to those under cocaine or heroine.

In the first place, love and narcotics produce the same biochemical reactions in our body. For example, affectionate emotions are followed by release of dopamine that changes the activity of certain brain centers and causes the development of other physiological reactions and sensations. As dopamine content in the nerve tissue drops below its normal level, people experience depression symptoms, or they develop withdrawal syndrome. It’s the same with drug addicts.

Researches say, though, “physiological” nature of love means that love can’t last forever because neurophysiological changes accompanying human emotions dwindle in about 5-7 years.

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