Why Kisses Are Important for a Relationship

British scientists have conducted an interesting study that showed that the majority of women, as well as men, who considered themselves attractive, appreciated the role ​​of kisses in a relationship.


Scientists have discovered that kissing partners is needed in order to assess the genetic characteristics and the partner’s health. In addition, kisses affect the strengthening of relations. The results of the study were published in the Human Nature journal.

There are three theories that are of major status for explaining the role of kissing in a sexual relationship. The first theory is that kissing allows assessing the quality of the genetic material of the future partner in some odd way. The second says that kissing is needed to enhance sexual excitement (as foreplay to initiate sex). The third suggests that kissing allows people to maintain a relationship. One of the study participants, Rafael Wlodarski, who works at the University of Oxford (UK), told the reporters that the scientists wanted to see what kind of theory would stand the test.

Wlodarski and his colleague Robin Dunbar conducted an online survey, which involved 900 volunteers (594 women and 308 men), whose age ranged from 18 to 63 years. About 55% of the respondents had long-term relationships. Each was asked to answer a number of questions related to the importance of kisses for a relationship, as well as for a short romance, which appeared at different stages of the relationship.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that women invest more energy and resources in bearing and raising children than men, so they are more selective in choosing a partner. In addition, both sexes are selective due to the sense of their own attractiveness.

A survey conducted by the researchers showed that women and men, who considered themselves attractive, appreciated the importance of kisses for a relationship. Scientists theorize that kissing allows partners to evaluate each other.